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Every Story Has Its Story. Please stay tuned for a new set of pages coming soon, in which I tell the often fascinating story behind the writing of many of my books and stories. Some of these answers are partiall answered under the Homage label as well. Answers will be coming soon.

NOTE:  The selection of covers at right duplicates the selection found at Café Okay, the main bookshop of all or most of my titles. Clicking on a cover at right will take you to an information page on this website for that book. At that information page on this website, if you click on the logo, you'll be whisked away to the Café Okay bookshop, away from this website. I'm working on making the navigation more succinct. If you wind up at the bookshop, you can navigate your way back here if you wish, via the main John T. Cullen website.


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