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This Week's Highlight for You. Click on the image at right to visit a special page on this website for closer info on that book and its context. You may also find a link to that novel on Café Okay, my online bookshop.

Special Notes: Homage Fiction

The Story Of The Story. There is always a story behind how or why an author wrote a certain story a certain way. A number of my stories in particular have deeper backgrounds whose richness should be understood.

Special Notes: Homage Fiction

Some Fiction Honors A Favorite. Great works can be classics (enduring) or even archetypes (classics that beg to be retold). I've written a few homage novels. Here is a special section dedicated to that topic, including info about both my books, about the honored work by another writer, and larger context.

click for DarkSF by John Argo

Categories (Fiction & Nonfiction; Poetry). Click for a page listing the categories into which my 45+ books under multiple pseudonyms fall.

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click for info - Doom Spore San Diego - DarkSF novel  by John Argo